The Lord's Day & Worship

Christ Church has been meeting for over 157 years for the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. We were founded by people concerned that no faithful Christian witness was to be found in Teddington, and we continue to preach Christ as sole Saviour.

Our purpose is God given, to gather together for the worship of God. We will not be placing any restrictions or conditions on individuals who wish to attend, just as Jesus placed no restrictions or conditions on those who approached Him. Nor will we be allowing outside bodies to enforce such restrictions. We will retain full authority and jurisdiction over our worship, because our command to worship is found in the commandments of God.

Our Sunday Services are held at 11am and 6pm, in our refurbished church building, along Christchurch Avenue, and behind the very visible old Victorian church building.

We have a simple Sunday Service in which those attending have an active part in prayer and singing. In the morning the service has some of its elements and structure taken from the English Prayer Book, and some from the Liturgy used by Calvin. Prayer and worship take up about half the service (we use 'Christian Hymns' for our hymnbook), and the pastor preaches from the Bible for the other half. We frequently celebrate the Lord's Supper at our evening service.

In the evening the service is a lot less structured, with hymns, prayer, Bible reading, and a sermon being its regular elements.

The hymns we sing are a mixture of traditional and modern, and we also sing at least one Psalm at the evening service. The preaching is expository, and we address consecutive sections of Biblical Books in each weeks sermon. The Bible version we use at the moment is the ESV - which combines a high level of accuracy in translation with a reasonable level of accessibility in its language.

Following the formal part of both our Sunday services we complete our meeting with a time of fellowship, with refreshments available, and a time of discussion.